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Technology Makes the Difference AirStream Systems Inc.- Company Profile

AirStream Custom Fan Solutions

AirStream surpasses conventional performance and efficiency expectations. Using its proprietary iFlow technology, AirStream provides custom fan and impeller solutions to key industries including cement, steel, pulp & paper, power generation, and lime. AirStream's many successful projects have earned it a reputation for delivering increased performance, better operating costs, and longer life.

Industrial production demands fan equipment that performs efficiently and predictably. Advanced iFlow modeling and comprehensive field testing ensure that our fan equipment consistently achieves guaranteed results in-situ. With AirStream’s large range of fan models and a high-quality state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, our experienced engineering team makes this seem effortless.

AirStream's Guaranteed Benefits

  • Higher fan flows without exceeding existing motor capacity
  • Better efficiency and reduced power consumption
  • Remove production bottle necks due to poor fan performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs and longer fan life

Featured Case Study

Nucor Jewett

The 2012 AIST Energy Achievement Award winner for Best Energy Efficiency upgrade in the steel industry, the upgrade of Nucor Jewett's baghouse fans resulted in an energy demand savings of 2000 kw.